Sunday, August 21, 2011

Celebrating Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Colorado Public Television Wins Working Minds Contest

Mental health isn’t something many workplaces consider when thinking about the health of their employees, and yet, distress impacts productivity, retention and morale significantly. We are delighted to honor workplaces in Colorado that take proactive steps to help promote mental health.

Colorado Public Television is 1st place winner of the Working Minds Contest
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In these current economic times, the stress of work can be quite unbearable. With budgets being cut across numerous organizations and businesses, many are concerned about their employment. Colorado Public Television (CPT12, formerly KBDI) has found ways to promote mental health and resiliency during tough times:, shared sacrifice, team-based decision making, and an environment which enhances creativity. Colorado Public Television will be recognized with the grand prize “Working Minds Award” at the Carson J Spencer Foundation’s Shining Lights of Hope Gala on the evening of August 28th at Inifinity Park in Glendale, Colorado

CPT12 is a mission-focused organization with a product that is enjoyable and trusted. The culture of CPT12 fosters creativity, collaboration and risk-taking. Employees throughout the company feel a sense of pride in the quality of the product, and enjoy the intellectual stimulation associated with it.

“I would liken our staff meetings to a Sunday dinner that a family would have,” said Pam Osborne, Director of Marketing & Communications for CPT12. “As a cohesive team, we all feel that we are in this together.”

CPT12 makes it a point to include mental health days, telecommuting and flexible scheduling into its policies. Additionally, the mentally-healthy atmosphere includes pet- and children/family-friendly policies. The approach by management is to help employees feel safe and capable of high-performance. CPT12 welcomes perspectives of staff and viewers of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders and backgrounds.

“Our workforce is extremely loyal,” stated Osborne. “I attribute that to the fact that our organization is a creative, ever-evolving, fun place to work.”

CPT12 was awarded the grand prize in the Carson J Spencer Foundation’s Working Minds Contest. In order to win, contestants needed to be workplaces based in Colorado that demonstrated measurable success by implementing innovative and effective mental health policies and procedures.

About Colorado Public Television – CPT12

Every day Colorado Public Television (CPT12), formerly KBDI, sets itself apart with an unparalleled schedule of local, independent, “community voice” public affairs programming and invites its statewide audience to explore new issues, ideas, people and places in the state, nation, and world. CPT12 curates three digital channels including a flagship signal with a mix of local, national, and international programming and infused with quality PBS shows (12.1); CPT12+, the best of independently produced documentaries, music, travel, exercise, cooking, public affairs and more (12.2); and MHz Worldview, providing international news from five continents and diverse cultural perspectives for a globally minded audience (12.3).

Please join us in congratulating all of our winners (runners up were Tu Casa and Jefferson Center for Mental Health) at the Shining Lights of Hope Gala on August 28th at Infinity Park! For more information visit

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